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Pantanal Nature FAQs

1- When is the best time to visit the Pantanal?
This is always a difficult question to answer when it comes to observing wildlife. There are advantages to travelling in both the rainy and dry seasons. In the rainy season although it can be quite wet the temperature is a bit cooler. Another advantage is that the animals are easier to see and photograph because they are concentrated on the higher ground to escape the flood water. The dry season also has its own advantages. When the savanna has dried, many animals congregate at the river edge and can be easily seen from a boat. Mammals walk across the savanna attracting onlookers and photographers. Ultimately the best time to travel to the Pantanal is whenever is convenient for you.
2 - Do I need any vaccinations before visiting the Pantanal?
There is no malaria in the Pantanal, but vaccination for yellow fever is strongly recommended.
The yellow fever vaccine provides lifelong protection for most people. Booster doses and new vaccination certificates used to be recommended every 10 years for people who continued to be at risk of the infection, but this is no longer necessary in most cases. We advise you take appropriate precautions and consult with your physician before taking the shot. Also, mosquito repellent is a must. Long trousers and long-sleeve shirts are recommended, especially after sunset. Consult your nearest travel clinic for more information. If you have a medical condition or take prescribed drugs, you are strongly advised to bring copies of medical documents with you in case of an emergency.
3 - How far in advance should I book?
You can book your Pantanal tour at any time, though generally the earlier you book the better especially during the dry season as it is our high season. Some lodges are booked up in advance by as much as six months particularly during the most popular parts of the dry season (July-October). However we are often able to accommodate last minute travellers sometimes with as little as one week's notice. So give us a call and we will do our best!
If you are looking for last minute bookings it will help if you can be flexible as your first choice tour may not be available on your selected dates. However our trip coordinator may be able to recommend a similar alternative.

4 - What is included in the tours?
Accommodation; meals (drinks not included); transport in/out; on most tours activities such as: hiking, boating, piranha fishing, night safari, horseback riding are available; and an exclusive, naturalist English/Portuguese speaking guide will be provided at all times. Our team will do their best to offer you a wide selection of activities for you to enjoy during your stay in the Pantanal.

5 - Are there any hotels you can recommend in Cuiabá?
Amazon Plaza
Getulio Hotel by Nobile
Golden Tulip Pantanal
Intercity Premium
Deville Prime
Hits Pantanal
Slaviero Slim Aeroporto

6 - Are these trips suitable for kids?
Our family tours are specifically designed to ensure that all family members regardless of age or interest can enjoy the wonders of the Pantanal. We can introduce children to the magic of this unique area through age-appropriate activities, always bearing in mind that attention can wander! Family trips are flexible and tailored to meet the requirements and interests of individual families. We like to encourage youngsters to feel actively engaged in the natural wonders of the Pantanal whilst ensuring their safety at all times. Our aim is to allow the whole family to get as close to nature as possible.

7 - What is the food like?
The food at the Pantanal lodges and at the Jaguar Camp is fresh, authentic and excellent! Generally speaking, the lodges provide a mixture of local and international cuisine. The selection of fruits, vegetables and fresh juice provide a fresh flair unmatched in more temperate climates. Although menu choices are limited at the more remote lodges, vegetarian or other common dietary preferences can be provided if sufficient notice is given.

8 - Can I extend my tour?
Yes, absolutely! Simply let us know how many extra days you would like and in which area and we will adapt you itinerary accordingly. Our tours are customised to our clients’ needs subject to logistics and availability.

9 - What should I pack?
After you have booked your tour, you will receive a detailed packing list along with your tour information. It must be used as a guideline for what you should bring. Usually, during the all seasons, we suggest light fabrics, which are comfortable, good for hot days and easy to dry. For evenings, cool days and long boat rides we suggest long sleeved shirts and 
long trousers which are also advised for protection against bugs and the sun - zip off trousers are a great option in this case. Different outfit options would be good to have on hand as the weather in the Pantanal is mostly hot and can be quite sticky. Another 'must bring' item is sunscreen as well as insect repellent. Toiletries and personal medication may be difficult to find, especially in the most remote areas, so be sure to bring them.
10 - What is the typical age range on the tours?
We have organized tours for travellers of nearly every age. The trips commonly attract families of all ages as well as young honeymooners and adventurous single travellers. The Pantanal offers such a wide range of activities there is always something which will interest any age group.

11 - What are the lodges like?
All of the lodges used by our company are located along Transpantaneira Road. We take care to select lodges that are located close to a wide range of wildlife and which have good access to the various activities. Each lodge will vary from very comfortable with fully furnished, air-conditioned rooms, ceiling fans, porch hammocks and swimming pools to more basic accommodation. All provide bedrooms with en-suite facilities with hot-water showers, even in the most remote areas. The lodges are designed to fit in with their natural surroundings plus many animals can be seen; all of which adds to the Pantanal experience. Simply let us know your particular interests and preferences and we will select the accommodation and design a tour to meet your needs. If you have additional questions, please contact us by e-mail ( or Skype (pantanal.nature) and we will be happy to provide answers to all your enquiries.
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