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The lodge available for this package is located on Transpantaneira Road, on a privileged position to ensure great photographic opportunities during all the activities planned; you will know the property by walking or hiking in the forest and during safaris and also throughout the programme. The abundance and rare beauty of the Pantanal fauna and flora are an irresistible invite to appreciate this amazing ecologic shrine. Lodge features: swimming pool; relaxing area with hammocks; restaurant with Pantanal traditional cuisine (water and beverages are not included in the package).
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Rua Professor Francisco Torres Nª48 - Araés Cuiabá MT - Northern Pantanal

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Worldwide: +55-65-33220203
Within Brazil: 021-65- 33220203
Locally: 33220203
Mobile: (65) 9994 2265 this one is 24/7 twenty-four seven (whatsaap)

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