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  • Please find below a few suggestions of hotels in Cuiabá:
Deville Prime Hotel - Cuiabá 
Av. Isaac Póvoas 100 - Goiabeiras - Cuiabá MT
(65) 3319-3000

Hotel Amazon Plaza - Cuiabá   
Av. Pres. Getúlio Vargas, 600, Centro Cuiabá - MT
(650) 21212000

Gran Odara - Cuiabá 
Av. Miguel Sutil, 8344 - Ribeirão da Ponte, Cuiabá - MT, 78040-400
(65) 3616-2014

Holiday Inn - Cuiabá  
Avenida Miguel Sutil, 2050 - Jd. Leblon - Cuiabá - MT, 78060-000
(65) 3055-8500

Getúllio Hotel by Nobile - Cuiabá 
Av. Pres. Getúlio Vargas, 262 - Centro Norte, Cuiabá - MT, 78005-370
(65) 3025-9000

Hits Pantanal - Airport 
Avenida Arthur Bernardes, 251 - Jardim Aeroporto - Várzea Grande
(65) 3363-9977

Slaviero Slim - Airport 
Av. João Ponce de Arruda, 860 - Várzea Grande 
(65) 3026-9600

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  • What should I pack?
After you have booked your tour, you will receive a detailed packing list along with your tour information. It must be used as a guideline for what you should bring. Usually, during the all seasons, we suggest light fabrics, which are comfortable, good for hot days and easy to dry. For evenings, cool days and long boat rides we suggest long sleeved shirts and long trousers which are also advised for protection against bugs and the sun - zip off trousers are a great option in this case. Different outfit options would be good to have on hand as the weather in the Pantanal is mostly hot and can be quite sticky. Another 'must bring' item is sunscreen as well as insect repellent. Toiletries and personal medication may be difficult to find, especially in the most remote areas, so be sure to bring them.

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