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Jaguar Camp
Expect a rustic yet comfortable environment with full-board accommodations in the optimal location for encountering both jaguars and giant otters on the planet.

The Jaguar Camp is nestled in a pristine wildlife haven, providing an outstanding opportunity to spot the elusive and impressive jaguar. As you track these magnificent creatures, you'll also have the chance to observe other captivating wildlife, including monkeys, giant river otters, and a variety of bird species from our well-equipped boats.


Jaguar Camp Lodge features air-conditioned rooms, each equipped with a private bathroom and minibar. Our amenities include a restaurant offering traditional Pantanal cuisine, electricity (110 V), Wi-Fi internet connection, and exclusive fully equipped boats for river safaris. These boats will bring you in close proximity to the untamed nature of the Pantanal, contributing to an exceptional wilderness experience.


Av. Republica do Libano, 10 Unidade 52-B Cond. Solar das Flores Bairro Rodoviaria Parque Cuiaba / MT CEP 78048-135
Ph: Office
(+55-65) 999942265

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