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Information FAQs

1. When is the best time to visit the Pantanal?
Rainy Season (December to May): Animals are dispersed, but tours are still possible with 4x4 vehicles and canopy-covered boats are provided. 
Dry Season (June to November): Wildlife is concentrated due to lower water levels, offering better opportunities for spotting and photography. Dry season is recommended, but visits are possible year-round. 
The best time to travel to the Pantanal is whenever it is convenient for you

2. Do I need a vaccination?
No malaria, but yellow fever vaccination is recommended.
Wear long trousers, long-sleeve shirts, and use insect repellent.
Bring a copy of medical documents.

3. How far in advance should  I book?
Book at any time; earlier bookings are better, especially for the dry season.
Dry season lodges fill up quickly, particularly in August, September, and October. Alternate accommodations can be explored.

4. What is included in the tour?
Transportation, lodging, meals (excluding drinks), walking, boating (jaguar spotting), exclusive naturalist/biologist bilingual guide.

5. What are the hotel you can recommend in Cuiabá?
Amazon Plaza
Intercity Premium
Deville Prime
Hits Pantanal
Slaviero Slim Aeroporto
6. Are these trips  suitable for kids?
Family-friendly tours with customized options for different age groups and interests.
7. What is the food like in the Pantanal?
Fresh, authentic, and tasty mix of local and international cuisine.
Lodges accommodate dietary preferences with advance notice.
8. What should I pack?
Light fabrics, long sleeves, long trousers, sunscreen, insect repellent, sun hat, flashlight, binoculars, camera (300mm minimum), extra batteries, memory cards, windbreaker/light rain jacket, sweaters (May to August), toiletries, personal medication.
Bring a reusable water bottle to support sustainability.
9. What is the typical age range on the tours?

Suitable for eco-travelers of nearly every age. Flat terrain and boat activities cater to various age groups.
10. What are the accommodation like?
Located on Tranpantaneira Road.
Simple/basic/rustic yet comfortable lodges with fully furnished, air-conditioned rooms, porch hammocks, and en-suite facilities with hot-water showers.
Designed to blend with nature, enhancing the Pantanal experience.

 Welcome to Jaguar Land!
Immerse yourself in the wonders of the Pantanal, where the extraordinary wildlife and natural beauty await your visit.
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