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About us
Welcome to Pantanal Nature!
Our company is run by Ailton Lara and his team dedicated in putting together a special tour for you. Their knowledge and genuine enthusiasm for this unique area make our wildlife tours very special. We offer a professional service with a variety of different activities for those wishing to explore the vast wilderness of the Pantanal. With our in-depth knowledge of the region we can customise our itineraries to suit the clients’ requirements whilst taking into account the ever changing local conditions. Our idea is to introduce this natural paradise to our visitors within a safe yet exciting environment. Welcome to Jaguar land !

Our tours beginning from Cuiaba-MT, have been the highlight of many visitors’s trips to the Northern Pantanal. We have shown visitors some of the most spectacular wildlife spots in the area which offer excellent close-up viewing of some of the world's rarest wildlife. Our tour guides are local biologists and naturalists who are trained to deliver tours to an exceptionally high standard. 

Our activities are flexible to ensure that you see as wide a variety of animals as possible. Typical activities include boat rides, walks at first light, night safaris and more (please check our packages for more information).

All our tours operate in small groups in order to leave as little trace as possible of our visit.  At Pantanal Nature we feel that responsible ecotourism will help protect and preserve this natural paradise by raising awareness at not just a local level, but also at an international one through our guest's experience.

Duringthe tours, we always treat wildlife with complete respect and minimal disturbance. Pantanal Nature is an officially registered company with the Brazilian Tourism Board (Embratur). The company is motivated by a deeply held passion for the Pantanal which we hope will inspire our clients. We are also actively dedicated to the preservation of the Pantanal for future generations.

Working in the Pantanal also means working with local people; our boatsmen and lodge staff are all locals, which is important to generate income in the area. It is very important for us that the money generated by our wildlife tours go to locals providing sustainable tourism.

We work with experienced English speaking Naturalist  and Biologist Guides with many years of guiding experience in the Northern Pantanal. They are very experienced in spotting wildlife, recognizing birds and mammals by their sound and sight, as to ensure the quality of our tours, so our guests don’t feel disappointed. They are not only skilled in the tracking and spotting of all Pantanal wildlife but share a genuine enthusiasm in the local natural world.

Featured Work with renowned Nature Programs
We have worked with creators of nature documentaries from the BBC Planet Earth II, Our Planet (Netflix), Discovery Channel ( Dual Suvivor ), National Geographic ( secret Brazil), ART TV (Les Aux Salvages), GLOBO,Earth At Night by Apple and other channels to provide expert fixers and  guided services that have helped them develop their programs by capturing the wildlife and culture of the Pantanal on film. 

For more details regarding our tours, please check our packages ( jaguar safaris) in order to find the tour that best matches your interest. 

We are happy to be one of the most successful company in the Pantanal!


Pantanal Nature is a registered travel agency through
EMBRATUR - the Brazilian Tourist Board.

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